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Upper Endoscopy for GI Fellows

Upper Endoscopy for GI Fellows by Douglas G. Adler
English | 14 Jun. 2017 | ISBN: 3319490397 | 182 Pages | PDF | 9.08 MB
This volume provides a concise overview of the most important and vital aspects of upper endoscopy. The text is specifically geared towards first-year GI fellows and novice endoscopists in order to help them rapidly assimilate the core concepts needed to perform upper endoscopy in the most important and most commonly encountered clinical situations.
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Category: E-Book

Advanced Digestive Endoscopy

Advanced Digestive Endoscopy by Peter B. Cotton
English | 3 Nov. 2005 | ISBN: 1405120797 | 425 Pages | PDF | 4 MB
Advanced Digestive Endoscopy: ERCP addresses some of the most complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for endoscopists. It provides the latest thinking and clear instruction on the techniques, which have been integrated with overall patient care.

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